The BEST bottle opener in the World!

BottleMate is the coolest bottle opener you will ever see. One quick push and the bottle top is gone. It's fun and unique and makes a great gift. Your friends will love it.


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Talking about BottleMate isn’t enough, you need to see it in action. Watch the video below:

Why BottleMate is
the right choice

We know there are loads of bottle opening methods, from smashing the glass to taking steroids to really improve that grip strength, but there are reasons why Bottlemate continues to impress.

Manufactured in Japan

This is the original Patented product that is built to last. Don't fall for a cheap knock-off that won't work.

Super Fast

Just like we are in Bed, Bottlemate works in seconds. Push, release and the top is off.

Stunning Design

Be the life of the party when you show off your bottle opening skills. *Does not apply to politicians as they would never be invited to a party.

Opens both Screws & Crowns

No bottletop is a match for bottlemate. It has been eating tops since you were in nappies (if you are aged about 12 or have had some sort of incontinence issues in the last 10 years)

Great Gift Idea

Have someone who is impossible to buy for in your life? Do they drink liquids that are protected by a screw or crown lid system? Then your dreams have been answered with BottleMate.

Personalised Options

Get your logo or message on a Bottlemate and just like Germany and World peace its a match made in heaven.

Do you know we do custom printing and bulk order?

Well you do now so you have no excuse for adding a crappy pen or shirt next time you need an item in bulk to hand out. We specialise in:

Corporate Gifts
Wedding Bombonieres
Sporting Clubs

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Bottlemate is the Perfect
Corporate Gift

Practical, Fun and with your logo emblazoned on the bottle, make sure you are front and centre of the minds of your customers, suppliers or even staff.

In addition let your gifts promote your brand further as they are taken to parties and events by your thankful recipients. Chances are that Bottlemate will make more guest appearances at a party or event than a pen or mouse pad.

More than that show your brand as fun, innovative and modern in a way that other traditional items can not.



Fun & Memorable



I don’t know about you but salt and pepper shakers or some crappy lollies don’t get me excited like they used to. And even though I am impartial to a stubby holder and a coaster its time to up your bomboniere game.

Bottlemates custom printed with your wedding details is something that your guest will appreciate and enjoy for years to come. The only problem is that they are so good you will make your guest feel bad for the cheap gift they gave you.

Bottlemate is the Prize
Sporting Clubs have been waiting for

Practical, Fun and with your logo emblazoned on the bottle, make sure you are actually giving a prize to your winning teams as opposed to a burden they have to get rid of.

What athlete doesn't need a Bottlemate? That's a rhetorical question because the answer is obviously NONE.

So please no more incorrectly sized T-shirts or unnecessary cooler bags get a custom printed Bottlemate instead.



Fun & Memorable


Bulk Order

1 BottleMates - 14.95 

3 + BottleMates - 12.95 each (Save $2)

5 + BottleMates - 10.95 each (Save $4)

Custom Printing (minimum 100 units)

For orders over 250 units please contact us for a custom quote.

 1 Colour: $9

2 Colours: $10

3 Colours $11

4 Colours: $12

See what our customers say
about BottleMate

We are not the only people to think BottleMate is the greatest bottle opener in the world.


BottleMate Probably Is The Best Bottle Opener In The World!



BottleMate received with thanks and put to good use. I have arthritis in both wrists and your gadget works like a charm, saving me dread and anxiety before opening my evening mini (250 ml) bottle of beer.



It really does have a Wow factor! I took it to a party and everyone was queuing up to test it out!

Adam C


One word could be used to describe this product: AMAZING!

Uni Student Wishlist

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Probably not in our scope but go see a doctor, and avoid Clazzy from now on.

Sure does, it works equally as well for crown and screw top bottles.

That’s a tough one to answer for a bottle opener company, but we think that there is no meaning you have to find your own. We have found the most satisfaction comes from overcoming challenges so always challenge yourself don’t waste your one chance.

Shipping is done via regular post in Australia. The cost is $7 but is free for orders over $30. Tracking info is provided once we ship it which is generally done within 24 hours.

If you don’t have a design for a custom print we can do it for you. For $120 you can get a logo as good as ours.

This is by far the most frequently asked question I get.

Have you done all your chores? How about your School work? Have you seen the sun yet today?

If yes to all 3 you can play the Xbox.

We recommend allowing at least 3 weeks for us to complete your order. It can be a lot quicker than this but we use a third part printing service so can’t guarantee anything, other then satisfied recipients.

52. According to Google 450,000 people ask this question every month. Good to see we are getting good value from our education spending.

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